One of mankind greatest weaknesses and oftentimes its most disastrous flaw is our inability to control ourselves from fearing change or the unknown. The moment a person or group of people arrives who doesn’t fit into the narrative which society tells itself, many people start to feel the fear of their existence as they know it coming to an end, and in that fear, something snaps. In the best cases, it is an outburst or rant that through calm discussion can lead to a better understanding, and yet in the worst of cases, as our society sees today, violence and rage can quickly be fueled by fear. In author Isaiah Lopez’s Radioactive Era of Change, the author explores this flaw in humanity through a tale of superheroes and mankind’s reaction to them. When a young man awakens from a coma with a missing arm and no memories, he discovers he and several other people were granted powerful new abilities. Living in quarantine after surviving a meteor impact which destroyed and changed the United States Eastern Seaboard, the man leads a group of friends and allies against a growing threat, discovering groups of people who have experimented on others like himself, and a powerful foe with a hatred for the new race of superpowered beings that have been introduced into society. The author did an incredible job of world building in this novel. The shocking opening scene of the novel really sets the tone, with the shock and awe of the protagonist’s circumstances bringing both an adrenaline rush and sense of emotional wonder as they discover their new circumstances. The natural character progression and volume of diversity and inclusion that the narrative and cast of characters embody in this novel were amazing to see come to life on the page, and the action-packed scenes of heroic battles and lighthearted character interactions made the story feel both balanced and almost cinematic in its delivery through some pretty powerful imagery in the author’s writing style. This is the perfect book for those who enjoy superheroes, especially those who enjoy a healthy mix of mythology building, sci-fi, action & adventure, and an almost mature graphic novel style of writing. The story will especially speak to readers who enjoy the maturity of a Wolverine comic with the discovery and wonder of the iconic and classic XMen comics. The balance the author found between the world building and the character development helps to bring the readers into the narrative on a more personal level, and keeps the suspense of the plot thick and easy to get lost in. Shocking, entertaining, and mesmerizing, author Isaiah Lopez’s Radioactive Era of Change is a must-read sci-fi and fantasy read. The twists and turns in the narrative and the adrenaline-fueled final battle all culminates in a heartfelt and satisfying conclusion which will both engage and inspire readers. The inclusive, mature, and thrilling nature of the narrative and the way the story felt like Marvel’s The X-Men meeting Umbrella Academy helped bring a sense of both fun and suspense and will keep readers entertained long after the story concludes


Radioactive Era of Change is an extraordinary science opera which combines human intellect with technology in a new world. When the world is disrupted by the fall of a huge meteor to the Earth, strange and significant changes occur, especially to those on the East Coast where the blast occurs as their bodies mutate to new forms and acquire phenomenal powers. When Isaiah gains consciousness in a new environment, he finds out he has awakened in an apocalyptic world, thirteen years in the future, underground in a lab with no memory, a missing arm, and different colored hair and eyes. As he comes to terms with this new world, he experiences a wide range of emotions since he cannot remember his name, nor the previous events which had taken place. As his memory vaguely returns, he forms unlikely friendships as a distant but sinister plot begins unfolding before his eyes and imperils the new changes he has had to adjust to in his life. Imbued with well-wrought characters that develop as the book hurtles along, vivid and lush descriptions, and thoughtful dialogue, Radioactive Era of Change is unequivocally a win-win by itself. Author Lopez astutely employs all the elements of hard science fiction by infusing healthy doses of aerodynamics, quantum physics, exobiology, and chemistry emphasizing current scientific details and research while keeping the reader’s attention afloat with a high-octane plot. His knowledge of science and technology further gives this book a high poise.

This immersive character-driven story presents a flawed but determined protagonist, one with whom readers will easily gel. Altogether, Radioactive Era of Change by Isaiah Lopez is an absorbing story which is nothing short of sublime and one that fans of hard science fiction will enjoy lean on.


"Look, we aren’t gods. Just people like you, but evolved? Changed? Mutated? I don’t have the right word for it, but we are all still humans here."

When a meteor crash lands on Earth, survivors in the blast zone acquire powerful abilities that make them superhuman. Isaiah is one of these “supers” who awakens after being in a coma for thirteen years and finds his arm severed. However, his body is endowed with the ability to regenerate and manipulate water in exceptional ways. As he connects with other survivors, first in a research lab and later scattered throughout the apocalyptic landscape, he forms a potent pack with other supers who are trying to understand their powers in a new and terrifying world.

With his richly developed characters and action-packed fight sequences, Lopez has crafted a story that is entertaining and endlessly fascinating. Out of the wreckage, Lopez builds a world where humans and supers must coexist and navigate distrust, betrayal, and sinister objectives. The chilling realities of a devastated world are on full display through the plight of Isaiah and his found family of survivors, who are targeted and misunderstood as monsters. Their superpowers are vividly described and cover a range of exciting adaptations and strengths. Lopez excels at writing dialogue that develops the characters and enriches the story while also contributing to the pathos.

A range of emotions arise in the violent aftermath of a changed world: confusion, sadness, humor, love, and anger reign at various times as the story unfolds. The conversations are lively and revealing, fraught and furious, sharp and satisfying. In a reading experience brimming with violent endeavors and dystopian details, readers are plunged into the lives of an appealing band of superhumans fighting for their lives and for future generations against all odds.